Blue Ribbon

National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA)

Platinum Award

- issued to plants receiving 5 Gold Awards in a row.  Very few plants across the country receive the Platinum Award.
Gold Award - issued for plants going entire year with zero NPDES permit violations.

2021 - at this time the SWTP is still maintaining its Platinum status.

2020 - SWTP maintains its 10th year of Platinum status.
            Zero NPDES violations for the 15th consecutive year

2010 - After five NACWA Gold awards in a row the SWTP receives its first Platinum

2006 - 2010 - NACWA Gold Awards
NACWA Riparian Award
NACWA Operations & Environmental Performance Award
Presented to agencies for outstanding initiatives in wastewater treatment, wastewater conveyance, stormwater management, &/or environmental enhancement.  It recognizes an innovative and effective project developed and successfully implemented in a cost effective manner while achieving environmental compliance objectives.

2013 NACWA Operations & Environmental Performance Award
Wilson's Creek Riparian Restoration Project
A grant received under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act provided funding for the project. 
Partnership with the City of Springfield, James River Basin Partnership, and Ozarks Greenways to develop and implement the project.

Missouri Water Environmental Association (MWEA) Biosolids Award

Award recognizing those treatment plants that have made significant strides in their Biosolids program by the development and implementation of cost-effective, environmentally safe, and publicly acceptable Biosolids practices.

2013 & 2011 MWEA Biosolids Management Award

The City of Springfield Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant received the Biosolids management award for Large Facilities in recognition for outstanding management of its' Biosolids program.
MWEA Biosolids awards
NBP_Bronze Recognition
National Biosolids Partnership (NBP)
The NBP, operated by the Water Environmental Federation (WEF), is in collaboration with the NACWA and local and regional Biosolids management organizations across the US with support from the Enviornmental Protection Agency (EPA).  It serves as the information clearinghouse on effective biosolids practices that requires organizations to go beyond regulatory requirements.
Bronze Level Recognition - organizations committed to the NBP Code of Good Practice, with the acknowledged goal of implementing the 17 NBP Biosolids Management Program Elements.

Benefits of Certification to Biosolids Program
*Environmental Performance - protects environment for future generations
*Quality Management Practices - ensure consistent product quality
*Regulatory Compliance - exceeds compliance with regulatory requirements
*Better relations with interested parties - establish & maintain credibility