Pay Your Ticket

Plead and Pay Your Ticket Issued After 1/1/2021

For violations issued after 1/1/2021, the Springfield Municipal Court will be utilizing the statewide case management system by order of the Missouri Supreme Court to process violations of city ordinances.

Some tickets can be paid online prior to your court date. The Springfield Municipal Court utilizes the Missouri State Pay by Web system.

To plead guilty and pay your fine and court costs for a statewide violation’s bureau eligible ticket prior to or on your court date, use the Plead and Pay option.

Pay a Parking Ticket Issued Prior to 1/1/2021

Secure on-line payment of Springfield parking violations may be made by major credit card. This method of payment is provided to you as a service of Springfield. If you prefer not to pay by credit card, please follow the instructions on your ticket for paying by mail.

Parking ticket fines range from $15.50 to $67.00. except handicap violations, which range from $75.00 to $152.00. Pay for a Parking Ticket Now (link will open in a new window)