How Do I...

  1. Become a Police Officer

    Learn how you can become part of the Springfield Police Department.

  2. Get involved with the SPD

    Learn how you can get involved with the SPD through training, as a cadet, volunteer or through the Citizens Police Academy.

  3. Forms

    Fill out forms related to the Springfield Police Department.

  4. Go on a Ride-along

  5. Contact My PAR Officer

    Find out how to handle a variety of neighborhood issues.

  6. Gang / Graffiti Control

    Graffiti, whether gang-related or not, can be removed from your property with little to no expense to you.

  7. Compliment an Officer

    Want to compliment an officer on a job well done? Fill out this online officer recognition form.

  8. Criminal Record Check

    Find where you can obtain a criminal record check of conviction information.

  9. File a Citizen Crash Report

    Fill out an accident report in person.

  10. Text A Tip

    Tip the Springfield Police Department about a crime via text message.

  11. Phone in a Report

    Phone in minor incident reports to the Police Headquarters.

  12. Online Police / Supplemental Report

    Submit a Police Report or a Supplemental Report online.

  13. Obtain My Impounded Vehicle

    Look up information on how to retrieve a vehicle that has been impounded.

  14. Obtain My Property

    If the Property Room sends you a letter, an employee notifies you by phone, or you have appeared in court and the court has ordered the property be released to you, you will need to come to the front desk at Headquarters during the public hours listed for the Property Room.

  15. Obtain a Copy of a Traffic or Incident Report

  16. Find the Courthouse

    View map and address information in order to navigate your way to the different court facilities.

  17. File a Complaint

    File a complaint to the Springfield Police Department.

  18. Conduct a Criminal Record Check

    Obtain a background check on a potential employee.