Maintaining Records & Documents
The City Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining official records and documents for the city. Online records include:
  • Current City Council Meeting Agenda (PDF)
    • Springfield City Council meeting agendas are posted to the internet on the Wednesday prior to the council meeting. In addition to the agenda, this page contains PDF files of each council bill and a draft copy of the previous meeting's minutes.
  • Official City Council Meeting Minutes
    • City Council meeting minutes are the official record of council proceedings and are only available on this site after they have been approved by City Council. A draft copy of the minutes are available the Wednesday prior to the council meeting on the City Council Meeting agenda website.
  • Springfield City Code
    • The Springfield City Code is a compilation of the ordinances relating to laws governing the city. This includes different means of searching for various laws in Springfield.
  • City Charter
    • The city charter outlines the form, powers, and management of the Springfield government.
  • Bills and Ordinances
    • Information and images of bills and ordinances of the City of Springfield are available. You may search by description, bill number, ordinance number, and dates introduced to or passed by City Council.
  • Calendar of Weekly City Meetings
    • Calendar information is supplied by the City Clerk's Office and reflects meeting notices and images of agendas which were received by the Clerk's Office at the time the calendar was prepared.
For records not listed above please contact the Clerk's Office.