Transportation Management

Responsibilities & Operations

Transportation Management is a division of the department of Public Works. The division is responsible for maintaining signal operations, traffic cameras, DMS boards, and interconnect within the city, as well as traffic data collection. Multiple professional engineers, technicians, and support staff perform various operations related to the traffic signal system.


Transportation Management Division Maintains

  • 139 Traffic Signals
  • 3 Warning Flashers
  • 73 School Zone Flashers
  • 6 Dynamic Message Signs
  • 11 Detection Stations (80 detectors)
  • 41 CCTV Traffic Cameras
  • 16 Network Servers
  • 30 Network Switches
  • Over 100 miles of Fiber/Metallic Interconnect
  • 2 Wireless Network Bridges

For more information on the Transportation Management Center and its operations, please visit OzarksTraffic.