Portable Buildings

Definition: Portable Building
Any prefabricated structure assembled off site and delivered to the site as a complete unit or a building purchased in kit form and assembled onsite, which can be moved without disassembly to another location.

Bulk, Setback & Spacing Regulations
All portable building shall comply with the bulk, setback and spacing regulations applicable in the zoning district in which they are located and with the following additional regulations.
  1. Portable buildings in residential districts shall be set back a minimum of 10 feet from the rear lot lines. In all other districts the portable building shall maintain the same rear yard as is required for a principle structure located on the lot.
  2. Portable buildings shall maintain the same side yard as is required for the principal structure located on the same lot.
  3. Portable structures shall otherwise comply with the bulk height regulations applicable in the district in which they are located.
  4. No portable structure shall be permitted in any required front yard.
  5. On corner lots, portable structures must setback half the setback distance of the adjacent structure facing the side street.
  6. All portable structures used for temporary vending as established in G.O. 4927 shall be excluded from these requirements.
Installation Requirements
If the portable structure has a total area exceeding 100 square feet the following installation requirements shall apply.
  1. A building permit shall be required.
  2. A site plan showing the principle structures and the proposed location of the portable structure shall be submitted with the building permit application.
  3. The structure shall be set on a permanent foundation or piers capable of carrying and distributing all imposed loads. The structure also shall be provided with a means to prevent wind uplift. This may be accomplished with trailer tie downs or permanently attached to the foundation or piers. A sketch showing how these items will be constructed shall be submitted for review.
  4. The foundation shall bear on undisturbed soil a minimum of 2 feet below the finished grade.
  5. All portable structures used for nonresidential uses shall be certified by a third party that the structural system meets the loading criteria set forth in the building code. This letter of certification shall bear the seal of a registered Missouri Engineer and shall be submitted with the building application.