Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is a problem that continues to worsen. With the busy holiday shopping season beginning, the chances of fraud increase.

To help avoid being a victim, follow these tips:

  • Men should not carry credit cards in a wallet. Carry them in a business card holder or at least in another pocket, separate from the billfold. Women should avoid carrying the cards in their wallet as well; secure the credit cards in a separate area of the purse.
  • Avoid carrying more credit or debit cards than you plan to use.
  • When using the cards, be aware of people around you. Someone could be attempting to copy your card number.
  • During any kind of a card transaction, keep the card in sight at all times.
  • Make sure to obtain and destroy any receipts or copies as soon as practicable. You may wish to wait until you check the receipts against the billing statements.
  • Open the monthly billing statements as soon as possible so you can check to see if there has been any unauthorized usage.
  • Be sure to promptly notify the card companies if you fail to receive a monthly statement.
  • Make sure to fill in any blank spaces on the receipts even if you just mark a line through them.
  • Be sure to notify the credit card companies of any change of address.
  • Avoid giving your card number or any information about your card companies to phone solicitors.

If you should lose your credit cards or if they have been stolen, call the card company as soon as possible. Most card companies will list 24-hour emergency numbers on the monthly statements.