Market Development for Recyclables

The City of Springfield is committed to identifying and developing markets for the recyclables collected in the area.

Recycling Benefits
Local markets are the ideal situation for closing the recycling loop. Recyclables, like raw materials, are a valuable resource that can benefit our local economy. Local markets eliminate the need to transport the recyclables long distances. Transportation is costly and has a negating effect on the environmental benefit of recycling due to the burning of fossil fuels and the pollutant emissions that would come from the transport trucks. Developing local markets also means jobs for the residents of Springfield and the surrounding area. If local markets are not available for Springfield's recyclables, a viable market elsewhere is sought.

City efforts to identify and develop local markets for recyclables include:
  • Assisting in pilot programs and procurement of grants to broaden and test emerging process technology that utilizes recyclables.
  • Materials exchange - facilitating dialog between manufacturers or businesses that generate recyclable materials as by-products and those that can use these materials in their production process.
  • Supply development - increasing the quantity, quality, and variety of items recycled in order to provide a reliable, high quality supply for existing and potential markets. City staff, along with staff representing Waste District O (a 5 county area in southwest Missouri), work to position the region as a dependable, high-volume source of quality raw materials.
  • Working with the city's Economic Development staff and the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce to target and encourage businesses that utilize recyclables in their production to relocate or expand their operations in Springfield.
Recycling Hotline
If you are seeking recycled materials for your production process or if you are producing a recyclable waste item, please call the Recycling Hotline at 417-864-1904. We will attempt to network you with a source or market. We do not make referrals, but we do maintain an information bank. We also offer waste reduction consulting services to assist you in identifying recyclables and reducing your solid waste as well as assistance in initiating a recycling program for your business or organization.