Special Event Recycling

When planning an event, no matter how big or small, recycling should always be a consideration. Let us help you make your event an Environmentally Responsible event. The City of Springfield Department of Environmental Services – Sustainability Division – provides technical assistance as well as “loaner” recycling bins to assist in “greening” your event.

Technical Assistance

Coordinating an event that is Environmentally Responsible can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Establish a date and location for the event.
Note: If interested in a zero-waste location/facility, we may be able to direct you.
2. Estimate the number of attendees for the event.
3. Give us a call or send us an email – we will walk you through the process of what you can do to green your event. 

Interested in Special Events Recycling?

First things first – Who and Where?

  • Who will be coordinating the event and where will the event be located?
  • Will you be the only individual coordinating the event or will you be assigning the responsibilities to others?
  • If assigning to another individual, what is their contact information?
  • Will the event be at your location or another venue?
  • If at another venue, who is the contact person for the location? NOTE – a number of venues now offer recycling at their location and/or have the ability to provide recycling – If they do not, you will need their contact information to receive prior approval for the use of recycling bins at the location.

Next, think about what will be provided at your event and for how many? Food, beverages, handouts, etc?

  • If there will be food or beverages, how will the items be served? (plastic bottles, aluminum cans, plastic cups, paper cups, etc. and how much – best is to estimate # people attending)
  • Will there be a concession stand? (if yes, ask what they provide as forth as plastic bottles and/or aluminum cans)
  • Will there be handouts or materials given to attendees? If yes, paper recycling will be needed as well.
  • What will the above items be made from and/or can they be recycled? (ex: plastic bottles, aluminum cans, plastic cups, paper cups, cardboard boxes, booklets, etc.) 

What may be needed overall?

  • Collection bins for the various materials/event space
  • Liners for collection bins
  • Signage for collection bins
  • Transportation of collected materials to recycling center or processor
  • If using a processor – Fee for a large bin from processor, if applicable – Note: the availability and cost of assistance in transporting materials to a recycling center/processor will depend on the volume of materials to be collected and the prevailing market condition. For example – a processor may set a bin free of charge if the quantity recycled is large enough to cover their costs. On the other hand, a small quantity may easily be transported via personal vehicle to a nearby recycling center/processor.

Additional Questions

  • Do you have volunteers to place the bins on the day of the event or the day prior to the event?
  • Who will maintain the recycling bins throughout the event?

In addition to assisting with the guidance of creating an environmentally responsible event, we can also assist by furnishing the following items:

  • Collection bins for event space
  • Liners for collection binsCarts to transport material from collection bins to a larger collection container
    Signage for each bin
  • Assistance in placement of bins (which locations may serve best at the venue)
  • Information on avaiable recycling centers/processors
  • Pickup and delivery of the collection bins may be available
  • Volunteers to help service the containers during large, multi-day events may be available
  • Tips for promotional pieces, newsletters and programs that give the benefits of recycling
  • Tips on other waste reduction strategies for your event (ex: compostable food service products/supplies, etc)

Recycling at your event not only helps to save our planet, but can also help you to save money, resources and of course, you will look good doing it.