Home Security Audit

No one wants to return home from work, shopping, vacation, etc., and discover that his home has been entered and the belongings he worked so hard to acquire have been stolen or destroyed. Burglars, vandals, and other lawbreakers prefer committing crimes where the risk of being caught is low. Make your home and property as uninviting as you can.

Use this list and take a few minutes to check the security around your home.

  • Do trees and shrubbery obscure your doors and windows?
  • Do shrubbery or structures provide a place where an intruder could hide?
  • Does your residence's appearance give the impression no one is home?
  • Are storage sheds or buildings unlocked?
  • Is the garage door unlocked or open?
  • Do you have a privacy fence?
  • Are there basement windows or an exterior basement door which is unlocked or easily opened?
  • Are there ground floor windows which are open, unlocked, have broken glass, or are otherwise inviting to an intruder?
  • Are there ground floor doors which are unlocked, have a broken pane of glass, or show other signs of being easy to enter?
  • Are there second floor windows or doors which are open or obviously unlocked?
  • Are there any other openings to your home such as skylights, crawl spaces, or vents that are unprotected?
  • Are there entrances to your home that are unlighted at night?
  • Are there other areas around your home that are unlighted and could provide concealment for an intruder?
  • Are cars or other vehicles left outside unlocked or with keys in the ignition?
  • Are vehicles parked in poorly lighted areas?