Overflow Control Plan

Long-Term Overflow Control Plan 2015
The Long-Term Overflow Control Plan (OCP) will continue the City's program to address the sanitary sewer overflows and make much needed improvements to the aging sewer system. The Plan outlines investments in the sanitary sewer system for the next 10 years with a total cost of $200 million dollars.  The goals of the OCP include safeguarding public health, meeting state/federal regulations, and supporting future development/redevelopment in an affordable manner for our community.

The Long-Term Overflow Control Plan includes the following improvements:
  • Continued rehabilitation of aging pipes
  • Expansion of the private sewer repair program to address I/I from private sources
  • Upgrades on treatment facilities, including energy efficiency
  • Targeted projects to reduce sanitary sewer overflows
  • Increase sewer maintenance staffing
  • Continued monitoring of system performance
  • Continued public outreach and education
Rehabilitation Techniques
Multiple repair and rehabilitation techniques have been used within the City, through a combination of in-house and contracted work.
Repair techniques include:  

  • Disconnecting illegal plumbing, drains, and roof downspouts
  • Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining
  • Manhole frame and lid replacement
  • Manhole wall spraying