Neighborhood Advisory Council

Neighborhood Advisory CouncilThe Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) is an advisory board, created to increase communication between organized neighborhood associations, City Council and City staff. The NAC also focuses on issues common to all neighborhoods in the City. The NAC has championed the cause of reducing chronic nuisances and crime, and increasing neighborhood solidarity.


The NAC is led by a subcommittee of neighborhood residents, dubbed the Positive Action Committee (PAC), which meets independently to set agendas and work with City staff on focus topics.


Membership on the NAC consists of one (1) representative from each of the registered neighborhood organizations in the City.

Chair and Host

The NAC chair is elected by the participating membership. The current NAC chair is Rusty Worley. The NAC host(s) are City Council zone representatives in attendance. 


The NAC meets on a quarterly basis, generally the second Wednesday of the months of February, May, August, and November at 6 p.m.