Guide to Constructing Public Improvements

Reasons for Public Improvements

  • Capital Improvements
  • Subdivisions, lot splits
  • Relocations for buildings, utility conflicts, infrastructure improvements, etc.
  • New building construction, building improvements
  • Connecting existing buildings to infrastructure

Types of Public Improvements

How to Construct Public Improvements for a Subdivision

Preliminary Plat Approval

  • Preliminary plat has been reviewed and approved. Required public improvement plans have been identified at this point.

Public Improvement Plan Submittal & Review

  • Developer/engineer submits public improvement plans according to City of Springfield Design Standards
    • Streets
    • Stormwater
    • Sanitary sewer
    • Erosion control
  • Plans are routed for review to:
    • Streets
    • Traffic
    • Erosion Control
    • Flood plain
    • Stormwater
    • Sanitary Sewer
    • Construction Inspection
  • Plans are reviewed and comments are issued to developer/engineer
  • When all reviews have been approved, developer/engineer submits copy of construction contract for review to determine engineering and inspection fees.


  • When contract has been approved, developer/engineer pays 5% of the contract amount for Engineering and Inspection fees plus a technology fee of 0.34% of the contract amount. Once paid, the plans are stamped for approval. Developer/engineer is then provided copies of the approved and filed plans.
    • Sewer Trunkline connection fees
    • Sewer Extension Cost Recovery (SECR) fees
    • Lift station fees (lift stations must be reviewed according to the Lift Station ordinance)
    • Land Disturbance Permit
    • Stormwater buy-outs
    • View detailed information about other miscellaneous fees.

Construction & Inspection

  • Contractor contacts Construction Inspection and arranges for inspection of construction a minimum of two working days prior to commencing. Land Disturbance permit must be acquired prior to commencing construction also.
  • In lieu of constructing Public Improvements prior to approval of the Final Plat or issuance of the Building Permit, the developer may wish to provide a Security for the Improvements. Securities in the forms of cash escrow, letters of credit, or bond are approved on a case by case basis by the Director of Public Works. Please view the Checklist for Escrow Submittal for Public Improvements for more information regarding escrows and securities.

Final Plat Submittal

  • Once the public improvements have either been accepted by Construction Inspection security has been provided, Final Plats can be submitted. Connections to sewer extensions cannot be permitted until the public improvements have been constructed and therefore cannot be escrowed.