City Manager

Job Description & Responsibilities
The City Manager serves as the chief executive and administrative officer for the city and is responsible for directing the overall operations of the City of Springfield and for executing all policies and programs authorized by city council. The City Manager serves city council, and provides supervision and general direction to the city's leadership team. The City Manager has direct responsibility for approximately 2,300 full and part time employees, a $350 million annual budget, and $1.2 billion in assets.

Duties of City Manager

  • Administration of the approved annual budget
  • Appointment and when needed, removal of employees either directly or through department heads
  • Attendance at all city council meetings and many of its committee meetings
  • Enforcement of all laws, ordinances, contracts, etc
  • Preparation of the annual budget for approval by city council
  • Regular reports to city council about finances and administrative activities, as well as ongoing advice to council about the city's present and future financial status or needs