1. Crime Tips for Those with Physical Disabilities

    Research tips that will help those who have physical disabilities stay safe from crime.

  2. Crime Victims' Compensation Program

    Look up information on the Crime Victims' Compensation Program.

  3. Domestic Violence

    Research information on domestic violence and abuse.

  4. Elder Abuse

    Learn about abuse of the elderly.

  5. Protect Yourself in a Parking Garage

    View information on how to protect yourself from crimes that occur in parking garages.

  6. Preventing Pickpocket / Distraction Theft

    View information on pickpocketing and distraction theft.

  7. Purse Snatching

    Read tips to keep your purse from being snatched right out of your hands.

  8. Rape & Assault Prevention Checklist

    View checklists that can help protect you from rape and assault in your home, your car, as well as on the street.

  9. Stalking

    Learn how to identify a potential stalker and arm yourself with some prevention techniques.

  10. Teen Dating Violence

    Check out the ABC's of teen dating and violence.

  11. Think Before You Speak

    Check out this example of how your every day actions may be putting you at risk or danger without your knowing.

  12. Walking At Night

    Read through some safety tips for walking at night.