Miscellaneous Fees

Sewer Impact Permit Fee

An Impact fee is a charge to every new or expanded user of the Publicly-Owned Treatment Works of the City, based water usage as defined by the number and size of water meters that serve the property or premises as approved by city ordinance #4162 passed in October of 1990. View the City Code regarding wastewater charges and rates.

Following is a list of Sewer Impact fees based on size of water meter:

Sewer Impact Fees Based on Size of Water Meter
Meter Size Impact fee
5/8" $300
3/4" $300
1" $500
1 1/2"  $1,000
2" $1,600
3" $3,000
4”  $5,000
6" $10,000
8" $16,000
10"  $24,000
12" $31,000

Special Connection Agreements

According to city code, in addition to any other fees, deposits, permits or requirements, no person shall connect to sanitary sewer located outside of a sewer district or within a sanitary sewer district in which construction of sanitary sewers has not yet been ordered by city council without obtaining a special permit.  This permit does not relieve the property owner from special assessments for sanitary sewer district and/or joint sanitary sewer district connection fees.

View the City Code regarding wastewater connections.

There are two types of Special Sewer Permits.  Both permits require an application to be completed.

  • Refundable – The fee is based upon the square footage of the property and will not be in excess of $1,500.  However, if the property is located in a joint sanitary sewer district the deposit required will be reduced by 25 percent.  The deposit will be held for a maximum of 20 years or until the property is included in a sanitary sewer district at which time the deposit will be refunded to the present recorded owner of the property.
  • Non Refundable – A non-refundable fee of $50 is charged at the time the special permit is issued.  The property owner will be billed one and one-half times the normal monthly sewer service charge on their utility bill for a maximum of 20 years or until the property is included in a sanitary sewer district. 

Trunkline Connection Fee

A fee established by the city to reimburse the developer or city for construction costs of sewer trunklines intended to relieve lift stations or serve future development within the urban service area. These fees typically are based on the cost of the trunkline divided by the area of the drainage basin served by the trunkline. This pro-rata cost is based on the area of the property and is collected when properties connect to the publicly-owned sewer system. These fees are outlined and approved by city council.


In 1998, City Council approved the City Sewer Financial Assistance Program, which established a cap amount for city established sewer tax bills. The program also established a Sewer Extension Cost Recovery fee (SECR fee) for properties that are subdivided or improved. These fees were increased by City Council in 2007. The cap amounts were established to reduce the cost of large residential tracts. That cap amount is currently $8,300. The city pays for all costs above that amount. When a property is improved or subdivided, an additional fee of $6,700 (for each additional water meter) is collected (not to exceed the original tax bill amount) to recover some of the costs of extending sewer to these properties.

View the City ordinance governing SECR fees.