Ballot Issues

3% Sales Tax on Recreational Marijuana

City of Springfield officials are grateful for the successful passage of a ballot measure to add a 3% sales tax on the retail sale of adult use marijuana, also known as recreational marijuana. The tax is estimated to generate about $1.8 million per year. 

Proceeds from the tax will be used for public safety, mental health services, housing and substance abuse services. City Manager Jason Gage said he expects that City Council will budget certain dollars for each (or all) categories they wish to address each budget year, depending on the programming.  “They could spend all funds in one program, divide them evenly or take a more customized approach.  If they should focus on long-term programming using the funds, then it is possible they will prepare a longer-term funding plan similar to our capital improvement program,” he said.

Mayor Ken McClure is pleased with today’s result, saying the funds will be put to good use, addressing critical issues in the community. “We are very grateful for the support of the community with this passage,” he said. “Community health, public safety, and the housing shortage are important issues. I am pleased we will have additional funds for these purposes.” 

Retail sales of recreational marijuana are already taxed by the state of Missouri at a rate of 6%. The sales tax rate in the city limits of Springfield is 8.1% for all retail goods, which includes the City’s sales tax rate of 2.125%. 

Ballot language

"Shall the City of Springfield, Missouri, impose an additional sales tax of three percent (3 percent) on the retail sale of adult use marijuana with proceeds from such tax to be used for public safety, mental health services, housing, and substance abuse services?"