1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax 2010-2013

Continuation Projects
  • Packer Road Phase III(a) – Division to Railroad Tracks (Construction)
  • Republic Road (JRF Bridge to Fremont) (Phase I Construction)
  • Grand – Kimbrough to National (Phase I Construction)
New Priority Projects under Study (Not all become construction projects.)
  • Cherry Street (Barnes to Oak Grove)
  • Primrose Street (Kings to Campbell – Phase I
  • Republic Road (Campbell to Kansas Avenue – Phase I)
  • Mt. Vernon Street (West Bypass to Orchard Crest – Phase I)
  • Battlefield Road & Fremont Avenue
  • Oak Grove Avenue (Realignment w/Lone Pine @ Sunshine)
  • Sunset Street & National Avenue
  • Walnut Lawn & Campbell Avenue
  • Neighborhood Stormwater & Floodplain Acquisitions
Traditional Projects
  • Street Stabilization & Major Repaving (Priority needs determined annually)
  • Traffic Signal/Traffic Calming Programs (Priority needs determined annually)
  • Metro/Safety Signs & Markings (Priority needs determined annually)
  • Reforestation & Landscaping Improvements (Priority needs determined annually)
  • Minor Neighborhood Improvements (Priority needs determined annually)
  • Center City Development
  • Economic Development – Street Concept Design
  • Economic Development – Public/Private Shared Cost (Determined as opportunities arise)
  • Sidewalk Reconstruction Program (Priority needs determined annually & via sidewalk survey)
  • School Sidewalk Program (Priority needs determined annually with PTAs & School Principals)
  • Bike Routes Signing & Markings (New Program)