Cell Phones & 911 Service

Wireless Calls
Cell phone users should be aware that their phone does not provide the 911 center with the same information as your home phone. When you call 911 from a land line (home, business, pay phone, etc.), the 911 operator usually receives your address, phone number and in whose name the phone is billed. This is not the case with mobile phones. Most cell calls provide the phone number and an approximate location of the caller. However, an approximate location may not be good enough.

Remember, when calling 911 from a cell phone, know your location. We can talk to you, we have your phone number to call you back, but we can't get you help until we know where you are located.

Currently 65% of all 911 calls to our center are from wireless phones. Many accidental calls occur through activations of emergency buttons on wireless phones. When a cell phone inadvertently calls 911, it takes up operator time that could be better used for an emergency situation. To avoid accidental calls to 911, please remember to lock down the keypad of your wireless phone when not in use.