Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department contains the following four sections:

Animal Control

The staff members of the animal control section work to ensure animal welfare and safety by:

  • Controlling animals at large in the City
  • Enforcing City ordinances that pertain to animals, including animal neglect and abuse investigations
  • Investigating animal bite cases
  • Providing education on responsible pet ownership
Animal control also maintains an animal shelter for animals found running at large or relinquished by their owners.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance covers a range of topics, including hotel/motel and public swimming pool inspections, monitoring quality of recreational water, lead poisoning, and mosquito control.

Food Inspections & Safety

The food inspection section inspects permanent and temporary food establishments to ensure food is stored, prepared, and offered in a safe manner to protect the health of people dining in our community.

Milk Safety

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department is contracted by the State Milk Board to provide milk inspection services to Grade A dairy operations in 12 counties in southwest Missouri.