Crime Tips for Those with Physical Disabilities

A physical disability doesn't prevent you from being a victim of crime. Common sense actions can reduce your risk. The following tips can help anyone stay safe.
  • Stay alert and tuned in to your surroundings, whether in an office building or shopping mall, driving, or waiting for a bus.
  • Send the message that you're calm, confident, and know where you're going.
  • Be realistic about your limitations. Avoid places or situations that put you at risk.
  • Be familiar with the neighborhoods where you live and work. Know the locations of police and fire stations, public telephones, hospitals, restaurants, and stores that are open and accessible.
  • Avoid establishing predictable activity patterns. Most of us have daily routines, but never varying them may increase your vulnerability to crime.
  • At home, install peepholes on front and back doors at your eye level. This is especially important if you use a wheelchair.
  • If you have difficulty speaking, have a friend record a message to use in emergencies giving your name, address, and type of disability. Keep the tape in a recorder next to your phone.
  • When you're out, even on quick errands, always carry your medical information.
  • If possible, avoid activities at night that could be done during daylight hours, i.e. taking out the trash, shopping, going for a walk.