Pit Bulls


  1. Provide proof of current rabies vaccination.
  2. Provide proof of spay or neutering of dog.
  3. Dog must be microchipped.  This can be done at our office at time of registration.
  4. Pay $50 registration fee.
CALL 417-833-3592 to set up an appointment to complete registration.

      On April 17, 2006 Springfield City Council passed Council Bill No. 2006-113 amending Springfield City Code placing several restrictions on pit bulls. The Springfield-Greene County Health Department's Animal Control staff began enforcing the ordinance in October of that year. 

      According to the ordinance, a pit bull is defined as "any dog that is an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier" or any dog that closely resembles any of these breeds. 

    In order to be in compliance with the ordinance, pit bull owners must do the following:

    • Owners must register pit bulls with Springfield Animal Control. Registration will take place at the Animal Shelter by appointment only. Call (417) 833-3592 to schedule an appointment.
    • At the time of registration, owners must provide proof of rabies vaccination for the dog.
    • Registration must be renewed each year.
    • Owners must also pay an annual registration fee of $50 for each dog.
    • Owners must have a microchip inserted under the dog's skin. This service can be provided by Animal Shelter staff at time of registration and is included in the $50 registration fee. Alternatively, owners can have the procedure done at a veterinarian's office and provide written proof to Animal Shelter staff at time of registration.
    • Owners must ensure the dog is spayed or neutered.
    • Owners must keep the dog in a secured, six-sided enclosure while on the owner's property. (See definition in City Code section 18-7)
    • Owners must post a sign at least 8"x10" stating "Pit Bull Dog" at each entrance to the owner's property.
    • Owners must keep the pit bull leashed and muzzled while not on the owner's property.
    • Owners must notify Animal Control within 5 days if the pit bull is lost, stolen, dies or has puppies.

    Unregistered pit bulls from outside city limits may be temporarily transported into or through Springfield for veterinarian appointments or grooming appointments. While inside city limits, dogs must be confined in a secure, temporary enclosure and muzzled.

    All dogs which fall under the ordinance and are being held at the Springfield Animal Shelter must be in compliance with the ordinance before they will be returned to the owner.  The dog must be spayed or neutered, be micro-chipped, have a current rabies vaccination, and be registered with the City before being released.

    Owners found to be in violation will face prosecution. Owners may also be ticketed and fined for violations.