The Finance Department works with Springfield City Council and all departments to coordinate financial services and analyses.

All in-house printing, mailing, purchasing and licensing fall within the scope of the Finance Department, as well as administration of all city contracts, preparation and maintenance of the city budget, the financial audit and a variety of other reports to the citizens and City Council.

The accounting division processes payroll, accounts payable transactions and credit card charges for all city employees, administers the Police and Fire Pension fund and reconciles all city bank accounts.

Services to the Community

Finance assists citizens and businesses with business/occupational, liquor, cigarette tax and apartment licenses; special tax bills (mowing, sewer construction, demolition, nuisance and health abatements); bidding on city projects/contracts; and inquiries concerning financial information about the city.

Fast Facts

The Finance Department:
  • Employs about 40 people
  • Has an annual budget of about $3 million, or 3.41% of the General Fund budget
  • Was created in 1953 by the City Charter
  • Has a print shop that prints over 2 million copies annually
  • Issues over 13,000 permanent business licenses each year and has almost 150 different categories of business licenses
  • Notifies over 1,600 vendors bi-weekly of bid opportunities

Mission Statement

The mission of the Finance Department is to effectively and efficiently provide the highest quality of fiscal services to the citizens of Springfield, elected officials and all city employees. We are committed to integrity, accountability and customer service to accomplish our mission and to serve our customers.