Food Safety Classes

Typically, there are two levels of food safety training: a level for front-line employees and a more intense level of training for managers.

Food Handler Safety Class

The first level is often referred to as Food Handler Safety Class and is designed to meet the basic food safety needs of front-line food handlers. Springfield-Greene County Health's monthly Food Handler Safety Class is not currently being offered. Please call (417) 864-1017 for more information. 

There are other opportunities to get staff trained in basic food safety. Springfield-Greene County Health partners with to provide an online food safety training course. The course costs $10, and at the successful completion of the online test, a certificate can be printed with our department logo. This class is offered in six languages: English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese and American Sign Language (ASL). At this time, the health department is not charging for this training, so only the $10 charged by the training company is required.

Food Protection Manager Certification

The second, and more intense, level of food safety training is often referred to as Food Protection Manager Certification.

*This is just one of the ways to meet the demonstration of knowledge* 

Currently there are five exams that are recognized by the Conference for Food Protection. They are:

All of these exams must be proctored in order to receive this certification. Training for these exams can be accomplished through a number of training programs as long as the accepted exams listed above are used.

Although the Springfield-Greene County Health Department does not offer training at this level, does have online manager certification available. The training alone is $62 or the training plus the Prometric Food Protection Manager Exam is $128 ($124 if you choose an online proctor). Prometric has testing centers are located all over the country and there is one located in Springfield.

There are several other resources in the Springfield community for preparing for one of the exams listed above. Missouri State University (BMS 338) and Ozarks Technical Community College are two resources you should check if you need certification options. You may also want to visit the ServSafe website.