Temporary Food Events

Springfield and Greene County are hosts to several Temporary Events that celebrate certain events and often happen over holiday weekends. The Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s goal is to ensure that all food prepared at these events is done so with essential safe food handling practices in place. Both Coordinators and Food Vendors at these events play an important role in preparation for a successful, and safe, Temporary Food Event.

Definition of a Temporary Event: one specific event or celebration lasting no more than 14 consecutive days. Temporary Food Permits are issued to individuals or groups that prepare food in conjunction with a Temporary Event.

Temporary Food Permit Process

The process to obtain a Temporary Food Permit has changed slightly with the recent adoption of a new inspection software in June of 2021.  The new process provides a clear set of milestones for temporary food vendors to progress through to become permitted.  Below is a guide that walks you through the specific milestones that all temporary food vendors must follow in order, to become permitted.  Temporary food permit applications must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the event.

1-  Application and Pre-Screen.  Fill out your temporary food vendor application, complete with your priority assessment worksheet as it relates to your menu and your food preparation processes.  Not sure how to answer the questions associated with your priority assessment?  Call our office at 417-864-1017 and ask to speak to one of our inspectors who can help explain and guide you through your assessment.  Submit it to our office by email to [email protected]

2-  Pay Permit Fee (if needed).  Depending upon your priority assessment, you may or may not need to pay the permit fee.  Extensive menus with potentially hazardous food and complex food preparation methods may involve additional review and inspections.  Call our office at 417-864-1017 and ask to speak to one of our inspectors if you have questions about the permit fee.

3-  Inspection.  On the day of the event, and inspector will meet with you at an arranged time to conduct an inspection.  Their inspection will help verify that you have everything you need in order to prepare food safely in a safe environment.

4-  Issue Permit.  After your inspection proves you are fully prepared and met all requirements, our inspectors will issue your permit for the event and you may begin preparing food at that time.

Click here for the Temporary Food Vendor Application

If you are planning to offer, sample, sell and/or prepare food at a Temporary Event, you will need to fill out this new Temporary Food Vendor application and submit it with any applicable permit fees to our office at least 10 days prior to the event you wish to attend. If you are already a permitted food establishment in Greene County, you do not have to complete this application.

Due to the importance of reviewing vendor applications prior to the event, any applications submitted less than 10 days prior to the event will be denied. The permit fee for a Temporary Food Event is $86.00 for each event.

Food vendors are required to be on site and allow an adequate amount of time to set up and have the Springfield-Greene County Health Department inspect your food booth prior to the Temporary Event opening the first day.

Please note: if you are planning to sell or sample certain types of jams or jellies, animal jerkies, bottled sauces or canned goods, please click on the links below for guidance on what is allowed at a Temporary Food Event. If you have any questions, please call 417-864-1017.

Jams & Jellies (also includes labeling information for baked goods):

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Guidance for Jams and Jellies

Meat Jerkies:

USDA Guidance on Meat Jerkies

Bottled Sauces and Canned Goods:

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Guidance for Bottled Sauces and Canned Goods

Please reference the Temporary Event Check-Off List to ensure you meet all the requirements necessary to obtain your Temporary Food Permit.

Temporary Event Coordinator

Advanced planning plays a vital role in a successful Temporary Event. The inspectors must contact each Temporary Food Vendor prior to the event to ensure they can meet the requirements on our Temporary Food Vendor Application. It is the responsibility of the Temporary Event Coordinator to provide the inspectors with a detailed list of all expected food vendors participating in the event.

Staffing considerations for inspectors also plays a role in setting a time frame for application submission. If the Temporary Food Vendors submit their application less than 10 days prior to the event, they will be denied.

Questions regarding where the event will be held:

If you are not sure if your event is within the city limits, please click here and enter the address of your event to verify whether your event is being held inside or outside the Springfield city limits to ensure you get the correct permit.

As the Coordinator of this Temporary Event, it will be your responsibility to fill out and submit your coordinator’s application to our office at least 14 calendar days prior to the event. Furthermore, you will need to ensure that all the food vendors have been given a copy of our Temporary Food Vendor Application and have submitted it to our office along with the applicable permit fee at least 10 calendar days prior to the event or it will be denied.

As Coordinator of this type of event, there are a few things you might consider:

  • Is electricity available for food vendors?
  • Do you have a contingency plan if you don’t have enough electricity for all the food vendors? Additional generators?
  • Is there a safe water supply available for the food vendors?
  • Is there overhead protection available (tent or pavilion) for the food vendors?
  • Will your event be held on a solid surface like concrete? Or will it be held in a grassy field?
  • Is there a sanitary sewer for dumping wastewater generated by the food vendors or a pumping truck available to empty waste tanks?