Mobile Food Trucks

Mobile food trucks are a growing trend in Greene County. At a summer event, or at a food truck court, these mobile food trucks must have the essentials to prepare and serve food safely. The Health Department views these mobile food trucks essentially as a kitchen on wheels. As such, they are required to have the same basic equipment as a full service restaurant.

Mobile Food Truck basic requirements:
  1. Hand sink - A sink dedicated for hand washing only. 
  2. 3 Compartment sink - A place to wash, rinse, and sanitize any equipment or utensils used in preparing food.
  3. Hot and cold running water under pressure - A plumbing system must be in place to provide hot and cold running water on demand during peak food service times. This will require a hot water heater and a pump to force water through both hot and cold water lines.
  4. Smooth, easily cleanable, and non-absorbent surfaces. The floors, walls, and ceiling of these mobile food trucks must be smooth, easily cleanable, and non-absorbent. This will make for easy clean-up and add to the dexterity of the truck.
  5. Pest prevention. Mobile food trucks must be constructed in a way to restrict the presence of insects and rodents. This means that windows must be either glass or screened to prevent any flying insects from entering. If no screened windows are available, "air curtains" provided by fans may be allowed instead.
  6. Potable water source and potable water hose. Adequate backflow prevention device may be required if the mobile food truck is directly connected to an approved potable water source.
  7.   This is a NEMA14-50R 220 outlet that you will need to be able to connect your mobile unit to demonstrate power capabilities upon inspection.  If you cannot connect to this, please have an adapter available.
**Mobiles parked on one location more than 14 days will have additional requirements.

Mobile food permits are valid for 6 months and may be used anywhere in Greene County (provided local zoning allows). The permit fees for mobile food trucks are separated into 2 categories, based on the type of food and preparation involved with each mobile food truck. The mobile food truck application has a priority assessment worksheet that helps determine if your mobile food truck will be permitted as a high priority or a low priority mobile food truck.

The permit fees for mobile food trucks are as follows:
High Priority Mobile Food Truck Permit $118.00
 Medium Priority Mobile Food Truck Permit $119.00
Low Priority Mobile Food Truck Permit $71.00

For a complete list of all requirements, please see our Mobile and Temporary Concessions Guidelines.

For additional requirements associated with Pushcarts, please see our Pushcart Guidelines.


If you wish to renew your Mobile Food Permit for an additional 6 months, you will need to do the following:
  1. Submit the Mobile Renewal Form by mail or in person, along with the required permit fee to our office. The Mobile Renewal Form is how we will confirm that your menu, set up, and procedures will not change, and that you are simply interested in operating your mobile food business for an additional 6 months. Both Mobile Renewal Form and permit fee must be submitted prior to the expiration of your current Mobile Food Permit. 
  2. After your Mobile Renewal Form is submitted with payment, your new permit will be issued at that time. From here you may continue your operations for the next 6 months, and the inspectors will visit your location for unannounced routine inspections: 

    - 2 times for High Priority Mobile Units
    - 1 time for Low Priority Mobile Units 

    If you let your current Mobile Food Permit expire before you renew, you will be required to fill out a new Mobile Food Permit Application and schedule a pre-operational inspection before we can issue a new permit. We encourage regular Mobile Food Vendors to visit our office and submit their Mobile Renewal Form and permit fee 2-3 weeks prior to the expiration of their current 6 month permit. 
You can mail your Mobile Renewal Form and check payable to 'City of Springfield' to:
Springfield-Greene County Health Department
Attn: Food Division
320 E. Central
Springfield, MO 65802