In order to qualify for the prenatal case management program, a client must be eligible for Medicaid, live in Greene County, have at least one risk factor (see below), and have a laboratory-confirmed positive pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Testing
Free pregnancy testing is available at the Jordan Valley Community Health Center at 440 E. Tampa in Springfield. No appointment is necessary.

Risk Factors
To qualify for the program, clients must have at least one risk factor. Examples of risk factors include:
  • Alcohol abuse by client or partner
  • Considered relinquishment of infant
  • Currently smoking 
  • Drug dependence or misuse by client or partner
  • Homelessness
  • Living alone or single parent living alone 
  • Mother's age is 17 years or less at the time of conception 
  • Mother's age is 35 years or greater at time of conception 
  • Multiple fetuses in current pregnancy 
  • Partner with history of violence 
  • Physical or emotional abuse / neglect of client 
  • Physical abuse or neglect of children in the home 
  • Pre-pregnancy weight less than 100 pounds 
  • Previous infant death 
  • Prior low birth weight baby 
These are just some of the risk factors that will qualify you for prenatal case management. To discuss your particular situation, call us at (417) 864-1688.