Picture Yourself in the Stainless Steel Industry

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Have You Ever Considered a Career in the Stainless Steel Industry?

Welder CSI
The Springfield region boasts over 30 stainless steel companies, making this one of the top regions in the world for manufacturing stainless steel products. That means big opportunities and a big need for skilled workers.

If you’re a hard worker and enjoy working with your hands, you can learn as you go and work your way up, with or without a college education.

Many companies offer on-the-job training, and may even help pay for you to take college courses. OTC, Midwest Tech, Missouri State, and Missouri S&T all have training programs and are a great place to start.

A career in the stainless steel industry allows you to stay local, but have a global impact. Stainless products you’ll design, build or engineer are used in the making of pharmaceuticals, food production & beer brewing. Some positions even get the opportunity to travel around the world to work on different products.  

Picture Yourself in the Stainless Steel Industry from SGF CityView on Vimeo.