Online Project Revision Request

This online form will allow you to request upload of revised construction documents for all changes after permit approval.   Pursuant to General Ordinance 6378

New Construction, Additions, Infill or Remodel Revisions PLAN REVIEW/SUBMITTAL FEE $50.00

Notice: Starting April 21, 2018 online payments require TLS 1.2.  If you receive a "This page can’t be displayed" error, your browser does not support TLS 1.2. You will need to enable TLS by going to "Internet Options" in your browser and enabling the TLS protocols, if available, or upgrade to a supported browser

Deferred Submittals, for the initial submittal of shop drawings, truss drawings and fire suppression plans do not require a plan review fee to be paid at time of upload request.   Revisions to approved shop drawings are subject to submittal fees as noted above.  

Prior to requesting upload for Deferred Submittals please gather contact information for the Designer of this submittal (Example: Engineer signing and sealing the Fire Suppression Plans)  and the Contractor that will be performing the work (Example: Fire Suppression Contractor) .  The form requires complete contact information including first and last name, company, phone number and email address. 

If you need to submit an Addendum and a Deferred Submittal please select the Addendum option and contact the coordinators via team mail with the Designer and Contractor contact information required for the deferred submittals.