Career Closet

What is the Career Closet?

The Career Closet provides business casual and business professional clothing appropriate to all clients at no cost. Clothing is appropriate for upcoming interviews, hiring events, or for the first day of a new job.

Where is the Career Closet located?

The Career Closet is located at 2900 E. Sunshine, inside the Missouri Job Center.

When is the Career Closet available?

The Career Closet is available during normal Missouri Job Center business hours. Staff members are always available to assist job seekers outside of hiring event hours. Appointments are not needed but can be scheduled. In most cases, the job seeker can be assisted right away. Job seekers should plan to spend 15 to 30 minutes at the Career Closet. If a job seeker needs more than the typical 15 to 30 minutes, they may be asked to return at a later date for additional assistance.

How do I donate?

Clothing can be dropped off at the East Sunshine location during regular business hours of 8 am to 5 pm. Tax credit forms are available at the front desk by request at the time of drop off.

What can I donate?

We accept all sizes of men's and women's gently used and like new interview and business clothing. Items donated that do not meet the given criteria will be given to a clothing bank or charity and cannot be returned. Please keep the following in mind when gathering donations: 

  • Will someone feel confident when wearing the item?
  • ​Can the item be worn by another person right away?
  • ​Is the item appropriate for an interview, hiring event, or first day of a new job?
Please ensure items are undamaged, clean, and free of strong odors including moth ball, smoke, and body odor.

We can accept the following gently used items:

  • ​Blazers
  • ​Suits
  • ​Suit Separates
  • ​Dresses and Skirts
  • ​Pants - Trousers, Slacks, Khaki's
  • ​Shirts - Blouses, Knit Tops, Collared, Button Down
  • ​Sweaters
  • ​Accessories - Belts, Jewelry, Handbags, etc.
  • ​Shoes
  • ​NEW Undergarments
  • ​NEW Socks, Hosiery
  • Sports Coats
  • ​Suits or Suit Separates
  • ​Pants - Trousers, Slacks, Khaki's
  • ​Shirts - Button Down, Collared, Polo Shirts
  • ​Sweaters
  • ​Accessories - Ties, Belts, etc.
  • ​Shoes
  • ​NEW Undergarments
  • ​NEW Socks

We cannot accept the following items:

  • Ripped, Torn, or Stained Items
  • ​Used Hosiery, Socks, Undergarments
  • ​T-Shirts or Logo Shirts
  • ​Jeans
  • ​Shorts
  • ​Capri Pants
  • ​Flip Flops
  • ​Tennis Shoes

Please contact the Missouri Job Center at 417-887-4343 for additional information. Guidelines, hours, etc. are subject to change at any point, without notice.

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