Outdoor Air Quality  

Springfield, like many other communities, works to protect people and the environment from the effects of pollution. Although the air quality in Springfield meets federal air quality standards, the growing number of people, businesses and industry all combine with our climate and topography to create potential air pollution problems.

The Outdoor Air Quality Section promotes and protects public health.

Air Quality Data on Airnow.Gov

Air Monitoring Charts
Missouri DNR Air Pollution Control Program Air Monitoring Section
Select the choice “Six pollutants tracked by air monitors” to go to view the data for each separate air pollutant.

Ozone Summaries
Current levels: Preliminary one-hour and preliminary eight-hour
Long-term: Weekly summary

Particulate Matters Summaries
Current levels: Preliminary one-hour
Long-term: Weekly summary

Please note that there are two Springfield air pollutant monitoring sites - 
Hillcrest High School (Ozone/PM2.5) and Fellows Lake (Ozone).