Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace

An emergency can happen at any time. You and your coworkers should know what to do if an emergency happens during the day. Here are some suggestions from The National Crime Prevention Council.
  • Learn about your company’s emergency plan. Ask that one be developed if one is not already in place.
  • Practice your company’s emergency plans, including evacuation plans. Evacuation plans should be posted prominently on each floor.
  • Know at least two exit routes from each room if possible. Be able to find them in the dark.
  • Have a designated post-evacuation location where a count can be made of all employees.
  • Make sure special emergency plans are in place for coworkers who are disabled or would need assistance in an emergency.
  • Know the location of fire extinguishers and medical kits. Periodically check extinguishers and assure that alarm systems are functioning properly.
  • Consider keeping personal emergency supplies in a desk drawer including a flashlight, walking shoes, a water bottle, and nonperishable foods.
  • Report damaged or malfunctioning safety systems to appropriate personnel.
  • Never lock fire exits or block doorways, halls, or stairways.
  • Make plans to help each other. Determine how you will help each other in the event that public transportation is shut down or roadways are impassable. Offer to temporarily house, transport, or feed your coworkers in case of an emergency.
The time to plan for an emergency is before it happens. Following these tips will help your company keep its employees safe.