Maintain Local Control & Avoid Unfunded Mandates

Maintain Local Control

Preemption of local laws, including local taxing authority, limits the ability of local governments to deal quickly and effectively with problems which are of concern to local citizens. Decisions on which revenues should be collected should be left to local voters and officials who are the most accountable to the constituencies paying the tax and receiving the services.

Avoid Unfunded Mandates 

The City requests that the state and federal governments not impose any unfunded mandates on local governments. While 
the state and federal governments will likely be tempted to force unfunded mandates on local governments and other entities 
as both wrestle with budgetary shortfalls, please consider that local governments are also grappling with their own budgetary shortfalls. We request that EPA and DNR, as well as all other federal and state entities capable of instituting unfunded mandates, consider community affordability and develop new, more comprehensive and accurate measures of community affordability than those currently in use.

Equitable Funding 

The City encourages the legislature to ensure that state funds are distributed fairly throughout the State. To assist in covering the anticipated State budget shortfalls and fund other needed programs, the City supports the elimination of discounts for timely payment of taxes and change from a 2% on-time-payment discount to a 2% late-payment penalty.


The City opposes any attempts by the state to preempt local zoning and building or fire codes, particularly with regard to billboard regulations and right-of-way uses.

Personnel Issues

The City opposes any attempt by the State to preempt or change its current legal obligations and established framework regarding collective bargaining. The City should have final say regarding all personnel issues associated with its employees, including their wages, hours, and conditions of employment. The City opposes any additional presumption clauses mandating workers’ compensation or pension benefits.

Hazardous Materials Cost Recovery

The City opposes the state usurping municipalities’ ability to recover costs for providing hazardous materials responses.

Maintain Tax-Exempt Status for Bonds

The City supports retaining municipalities’ tax-exempt status for bonds. Eliminating the tax-exempt status would cost our citizens millions of dollars in additional interest charges.

State Resource Reductions Resulting in Service Cuts

The City opposes deep cuts to the State budget that would result in a significant reduction of City or State services to Springfield citizens.

Erosion of Local Tax Base used to Fund Basic Citizen Services 

During the past few decades, a number of special-interest “tax exemption” bills have been passed that erode the local tax base used to fund basic citizen services. The City requests that our local delegation oppose bills that further erode the local tax base and, in essence, override the will of local voters who have approved these taxes for specific purposes.