Robbery Prevention of Delivery Drivers

The people who operate delivery vehicles face the possibility of being the victims of an armed robbery. They also face the risk of having the vehicle broken into for the contents or having the truck stolen. Most robberies of this type occur between the hours of noon and 4 p.m. while the driver is alone.

Robbery Prevention

Here are some robbery prevention tips:

  • Be alert for suspicious people loitering around the areas of your deliveries.
  • Be alert to vehicles which may be following you while you are on your route. Write down a description of the vehicle and the license number as well as a description of the occupants of the vehicle.
  • Don’t carry more money than absolutely necessary to conduct business. If you do not carry money, have a placard somewhere on the vehicle which states that the driver carries no money.
  • While making a delivery, ask that a member of management or an employee be present until you are safely on your way.
  • If deliveries are scheduled to take place before business hours and the loading area is in an isolated place, ask that the delivery time be rescheduled. Make sure that there is proper lighting at these locations as well. Arrange to make the delivery when you know there might be delivery drivers from other companies there.
  • Keep the doors to the vehicle locked at all times.
  • Always make sure that the truck is safe before entering, the cab as well as the back of the truck.
  • Keep the vehicle keys separate from the rest of your keys, which may allow access to businesses.
  • Keep a cell phone at all times and don’t hesitate to call 911 in the event you feel threatened or see something suspicious.
  • Be careful not to park in isolated areas to do paperwork or for a meal break.
  • Be careful about mentioning how good business has been.

If a Robbery Occurs

 If you are the victim of a robbery, remember these tips:

  • Try to remain calm, and follow the instructions of the suspect.
  • Assume that they are armed even if a weapon is not displayed.
  • This will be traumatic, but focus on remembering a good description of the suspects and their vehicle and direction of travel as they leave, as well as any weapon used and anything that was said.
  • As soon as possible make sure that the first call you make is to 911.
  • Protect any evidence which may be left behind such as anything that the suspect may have touched. If anyone witnessed the incident, ask them to stay until police arrive, or get contact information so they can be reached later.

As with personal safety in general, have a plan as to how you will react to specific situations so that if a crime occurs, you will not be caught completely off guard.