Health Care

Project 1: Expanding the Community Health Advocate Program

As a result of several neighborhood and health assessments, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s (SGCHD) Community Health Advocate program began in the Weller neighborhood during the summer of 2014. The program is focused on assessing blood pressure and connecting individuals to resources such as primary care and community gardens. SGHCD staff involved with the program are trusted members of the neighborhoods that are well connected with the opportunities and are aware of the challenges their neighbors face. The program occurs through several mechanisms, including: connecting at neighborhood events and meetings, being available in community centers such as the libraries, and going door-to-door. This approach meets people where they are—both physically and emotionally—to help people take steps to improve their health. Within one year, more than 500 people were impacted by the program.

In 2015, the City of Springfield and numerous community partners began the Zone Blitz to improve the quality of life within the most vulnerable parts of our community. Coordinated with this effort, the Community Health Advocate program is expanding to cover 10 neighborhoods with 3 staff in this portion of the community. As the program grows, the SGCHD looks to also build stronger partnerships with local healthcare providers to strengthen the continuum of care by providing coordinated follow up to individuals connected with the Community Health Advocate program. With this in place, individuals who face significant challenges will have someone to walk beside them as they improve their health and quality of life.

Help Needed

People to train as community health advocates; Needs identified by current CHW/CHA workers: hygiene & safety supplies for clients, especially bedbug remediation; datebooks/planners for clients.

  • Status: In Progress
  • Timeframe: TBD
  • Scope: Target neighborhoods within Zone 1
  • Cost: TBD
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Project 2: Coordinating Zone-Wide Community Health Fairs & Screenings

Project coordinators are developing a plan for offering zone-wide events that include health fairs & screenings; mobile job fairs and other technical training provide by partners, such as the Library district and Springfield Public Schools. These can serve as “pop-up” events that are “one-stop shops” for a variety of services needed in the neighborhood and could be incorporated into pre-existing successful neighborhood events, possibly including neighborhood cleanups. The City will establish a centralized coordination team and schedule, assisted by the Neighborhood Association Presidents.

  • Status: Planning Phase
  • Timeframe: TBD, but at least quarterly, preferably monthly
  • Scope: Zone 1
  • Cost: TBD
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