City Utilities

Acquiring a Permit

City Utilities may apply for an excavation permit by clicking on the "Right-of-way & Excavation Permit Application" link below. Any questions regarding an excavation permit should be directed to 417-864-1980.

Need to Know Permit Information

• Contractor shall call 417-942-9255 two (2) business days before any work in right-of-way begins
​• Bill for the cost of final repairs will be sent to the contractor after the City has inspected the work (billed monthly to CU)
​• Contractor is responsible for the work until the City inspects and accepts the work performed
​• All work must meet specifications in the latest edition of the Standard General Conditions and Technical Specifications for Public Works (See
​  link below)
​• Backfill of all excavations must consist of bedding material that is to be placed in six (6) inch layers and thoroughly tamped.
​• A Stop Work Order may be issued for safety concerns with the project and/or non-compliance with the conditions of this permit or City Code
​• Permit will expire if work has not started within thirty (30) days of the permit's issued date • Permit is valid for sixty (60) days

City Utilities/City of Springfield Memorandum of Understanding