Crime Prevention Tips

 The tips have been sorted into general topics, but the same tip may be found under more than one heading.
  1. Children

    View crime safety tips for Children.

  2. Crime Prevention Tips

    View a list of crime prevention tips that should help you avoid crime in many different areas and aspects of life.

  3. Communications

    Learn how criminals are taking advantage of different communication mediums to steal.

  4. Community

    Research crime prevention tips for your community.

  5. Financial

    Look up information on financial crimes like credit card fraud, identity theft, and many other forms of monetary scams.

  6. Holiday

    Find information on crimes that typically occur during the holidays.

  7. Home

    Research information on protecting your household from criminal activity.

  8. Personal

    Research information on how to protect your person as well as your personal property.

  9. Vacation

    Find tips to help keep your property safe while you are away on vacation, as well as tips to keep you safe during your travels.

  10. Work

    Review information on work related crimes.

  11. Vehicles