Leadership for Collective Impact Training

Paul Schmitz

On Sept. 7, 2016, more than 120 community leaders attended the “Leadership for Collective Impact” workshop led by Paul Schmitz, CEO of Leading Inside Out. Schmitz works to advance strategies that develop authentic, inclusive, and collaborative leadership; engage community members as partners in solving community problems; and help diverse leaders and groups achieve greater impact together. Paul is also Senior Advisor to The Collective Impact Forum, a partnership of FSG and The Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions.

The workshop was hosted at the Missouri Job Center (home of the City’s Workforce Development department) by the City of Springfield and the National Resource Network, a consortium of organizations engaged in Springfield to help further develop housing and jobs and economic recovery strategies. 

The workshop was part of an ongoing series of activities addressing opportunities outlined in the Impacting Poverty Commission October 2015 Report and Call to Action, the City’s Zone Blitz initiative and served to set the stage for creation of a collective impact model bringing many initiatives together. 

View video of the Workshop: Part 1

View video of the Workshop: Part 2