Nancy Hoeman, RN, MS(N) - Nurse Coordinator

Nancy has been with the City for over ten years.

Why do you do what you do?

“Public health and the emphasis placed on prevention is important.”

What’s the hardest part of your job?

“Working with babies and children with special health care needs.”

What’s the best part of your job?

“I get to work with an outstanding group of caring and creative professionals.”

What issue is impacting/affecting your area right now?

“The issue of growing poverty in the community. A large section of the community is just not aware.”

How are you dealing with it?

“Education and working with different collaboratives within the community and school district.”

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in your career?

“The unique experience of working in the special needs shelter during the 2007 ice storm.”

What’s something you’ve learned since working for the City?

“Before I came to the City, I knew the City did a good job of collaboration, but now I know just how well we do it across the sections.”

Do you work to live, or do you live to work? Why?

“I live to work. Nursing is my passion.”

indoor portrait of Nancy Hoeman in a small exam room with a medical scale