How to Apply

Step 1
Determine if your event needs a special event permit and if so, complete the online application. Determine when and where your event will be held, along with how many people will attend. If you’re not sure where you would like to hold your event, we would be happy to help you determine a safe route or event venue.

Step 2
Verify that you will not miss the application deadline and follow-up with required paperwork deadlines. The application deadline to reserve a date and start the process is 60 days prior to your event date. The deadline for meeting all permit requirements and paperwork submission is 30 days prior to your event date.

Step 3
Apply! We have developed an online application process. Before submitting your application, ensure all requested documents are attached. Incomplete applications may result in permit denials that can easily be avoided. Be sure to complete all associated fields and permits requested within the Special Event application.

Step 4
If you would like to submit the application in person, fill out the application, print and bring all requested documents to the Department of Public Information, located in the Busch Municipal Building, Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00p.m. NOTE: The office is closed from Noon - 1:00.

Step 5
Within three business days, you will receive confirmation of receipt of your materials by email or phone. This confirmation is not a guarantee of permit issuance, nor is it a guarantee of your desired date and/or location. This is simply a confirmation that we have your materials on file and are actively processing your permit. Within 10 business days, you will also hear about any conflicts with your route, date, or location for the proposed event and will be made aware of any additional permits or requirements needed. An event coordinator(s) will contact you to address these issues and work with you to create the best and safest event for all involved parties.

Step 6
Approximately 30 days prior to your event, the City will issue your permit, if you have submitted all required paperwork and agreed to conditions set forth.