Neighborhood Watch

Phase 1

Citizens attend one of the various training sessions held throughout the year. These courses are designed to make each citizen better prepared to deal with crime in their community whether they are part of a watch group or not. Training sessions are scheduled on a biannual basis in the spring and fall.


Phase 2

Citizens complete a self-assessment of their homes, make improvements that help reduce their chances of being burglarized and participate in Operation Identification.

Phase 3

Citizens organize to form an active Neighborhood Watch group, meeting minimum requirements to receive the new signs.

About the Neighborhood Watch Signs

The signs were designed to show that Neighborhood Watch is about the citizens and their relationship with the police department, not the sign itself. When people see this sign in your neighborhood they will know that citizens there are trained, organized, and active.

These signs are bought with seized drug money and will be provided free of charge by the police department to groups who meet the requirements. If a group does not remain active the signs will be removed from the neighborhood.

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