Traffic Safety Tips

As our Citizen Surveys show, one of the greatest concerns of Springfield residents is the traffic in our city.

If you have a specific question about traffic laws, correct driving procedures, or anything else related to traffic, please send us an email. In the meantime, check out our extensive list of traffic-related tips. The tips have been sorted into general topics, but the same tip may be found under more than one heading. 
  1. Children

    Teach your children to be careful when riding bikes, crossing streets, and much more.

  2. Laws

    View general traffic laws as well as laws that are specific for traffic in your area.

  3. Pedestrians

    Find traffic information important to pedestrians in Springfield.

  4. Proper Procedures

    Learn the proper procedures for how to address issues like blind spots, one way streets, and prepping your automobile for a trip.

  5. Seasonal / Weather

    View tips on how to safely drive during inclement weather.

  6. What Causes Accidents

    Check out information on the most common types of traffic incidents and avoid situations that cause accidents.