Looking for an opportunity to spend some time outside while making a difference in your community? Check out our Adopt-A-Stream program! To adopt a stream contact Kellie Herman at or 417-864-2087

What are volunteers’ responsibilities?

  • Conduct cleanup (litter removal) of the adopted stream segment at least 3 times per year.
  • Keep the City informed of your cleanups. Organizations are required to participate for at least one full year. Adoption is renewable annually given that program requirements are met.

What does the City provide?

  • Trash bags.
  • Pick up and disposal of the bags.
  • Adopt-A-Stream signs at the adopted stream segment, recognizing the volunteers’ efforts. 

For more information, view our Adopt-A-Stream Brochure

Thank You Adopt-a-Stream Volunteers!

Fassnight Creek- Main to Skate Park- Guminski & Sample's Big Six
Fassnight Creek- Jefferson to Main- Insurance Association of the Ozarks
Galloway Creek- Lone Pine to south Battlefield- Miller Engineering, P.C.
Galloway Creek- James River Freeway to Lake Springfield- Flanders Family
Galloway Creek- James River Freeway to Lake Springfield- Coast Guard Auxiliary
Galloway Creek- North of Lacuna to Barton- E&L Parks
Jordan Creek- Mt Vernon to Grand- Alpha Gamma Sigma
Jordan Creek- Mt Vernon to Grand- 37 North Expeditions
Jordan Creek- Grand to Bennett- Olsson Associates
Jordan Creek- North Branch, National to Sherman- 417 Kids Stream Team
Jordan Creek- North Branch, Division to National- Weller Neighborhood Association
Jordan Creek- North Branch, Hampton to Bob Barker- OTC Stream Team
Jordan Creek- Main to Fort Street- MSU Engineering Program
South Creek- Golden to Carver Middle School-


South Creek- Grant to Kansas Expy- GeoEngineers, Inc.
South Creek- Jefferson to Grant- Sierra Club
South Creek- Campbell to Fort- Greene County Youth Academy
South Creek- Campbell to Fort- CoxHealth Public Safety
South Creek- National to Campbell- Greater Ozarks Audubon Society
South Dry Sac- FR 171 west through Parks property- Watershed Committee of the Ozarks
Wilsons Creek- Scenic to Hillcrest- MSU CrossFit
Wilsons Creek- Rutledge Wilson Farm Park- Oak Scout Troop: Earth Child

Tips for Your Clean-Up

  • The date and time of your clean-up are entirely up to you. 
  • Come to our offices on the second floor at the Environmental Resource Center, 290 E. Central, to get your clean-up bags during the hours of 8am-5pm. 2-3 bags per person is a good number of bags to start with.
  • Each person participating will need to sign the waiver form and turn it in after your clean-up. It’s best to have participants sign in as they show up at your clean-up check-in area.
  • Pile the trash in a place where our crew can easily throw it into their truck, right off the street curb is best. Please do not make piles on trails, trucks cannot be driven down the trails.
  • Don’t forget to tell the participants to protect themselves from the sun, wear protective shoes and gloves, watch for poison ivy, and never put themselves in danger on steep slopes or picking up sharp objects.
  • Some things won’t fit into the bags. That’s fine, just pile them next to the bags.
  • Once you complete a cleanup, report it to Please include the number of bags and where the trash is piled in your email. Drop off the waivers to the Environmental Resource Center, 290 E. Central, front desk.

Thank you so much for working with us to clean up our streams!

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