1. Avoidance of Traffic Signals

    Learn the dangers of using private lots as shortcuts.

  2. "Brake Check"

    Check out the dangers of performing what many call a "brake check."

  3. Child Passenger Restraint Law

    Look up information on child restraints.

  4. Click It or Tick It

    Find out more about Springfield's participation in the "Click it or Ticket" campaign.

  5. Do Not Block the Intersection

    View the importance of Municipal Ordinance #106-193 that states it is illegal to block an intersection.

  6. Funeral Processions

    Research traffic law and ordinance information for vehicles involved in funeral procession.

  7. Headlight Usage in Inclement Weather

    View important information on using headlights during bad weather.

  8. Headlights on for Safety

    Both State and Municipal Law require drivers to have their headlights on from 1/2 hour before sunset to 1/2 hour after sunrise.

  9. Highway Work Zone Law

    This act includes various provisions relating to the safe operation of motor vehicles to ensure the safety of highway workers, emergency workers and other motorists.

  10. Leaving the Scene of an Accident

    Obtain information on how to handle being in an accident.

  11. Motorized Bikes & Mopeds

    Research some traffic safety tips for motorcycles and mopeds.

  12. Move to the Left When Possible

    The Missouri law (304.022) that covers stopping and pulling to the right when approached from the rear by an emergency vehicle also covers the situation of motorists passing a stationary emergency vehicle displaying red lights.

  13. Possession of Drivers' Licenses

    Some people are under the impression that they don’t need to have their license with them as long as it is valid. State Statute clearly states that the license “shall” be in the driver’s immediate possession. This Statute pertains to both drivers’ and commercial drivers’ licenses.

  14. Rain, Rain Go Away

    These tips are a reminder that lots of rain and inclement weather are a danger on the roadways. Drivers should slow down to a prudent speed to drive safely on our highways.

  15. Right Turns on Red

    Missouri state law and Springfield city ordinances allow drivers to make right turns at red signals unless the intersection has a sign that prohibits those turns.

  16. Rules of the Road for Scooters

    Read this information before riding that scooter on the road.

  17. Seatbelts Really Do Work

    Read statistics on seat belts and feel confident that they help protect you from injury.

  18. Two Important Laws

    View information on the importance of drivers licenses and motor vehicle insurance.

  19. Unnecessary Tragedies

    Look up information on Missouri Law #304.022.