Neighborhood Advisory Council


Back row, left to right: Eric Pauly, Phelps; Becky Volz, Woodland Heights; Caron Parnell, West Central; Jeff Barber, Rountree; Dellene Nelson, Bradford Park; Pete Radecki, Bissett.

Middle row: Mark Maynard, Weller; Christina Dicken, Doling; Wendell Royster, Oak Grove; Jan Peterson, University Heights; Jane Augustine, Brentwood; Joe Roberds, Westside; Jaydean Nelson, Heart of the Westside; Rusty Worley, NAC chair.

Front row: Bobbi Ream, Meador, Teresa Pope, Delaware; Kathy Lutz, Grant Beach; Marti Mowery, Tom Watkins; Dee Ogilvy, Midtown; Fred Romaine, Greater Parkcrest and Marcie Kirkup, Galloway Village

Neighborhood Advisory Council

Who is the Neighborhood Advisory Council?

​Each registered neighborhood association has a representative and an alternate on the NAC. It was established in 2013 to facilitate communications between Springfield's City Council, City staff, and its 22 registered neighborhood associations.

​What do the reps do?

​They discuss issues pertinent to neighborhoods - crime, nuisance properties, health, parks, streets and sidewalks, neighbors in need, planning and development, community engagement, need for jobs and so on. As a group, they identify concerns that cut across multiple neighborhoods and seek solutions.