CODE 3 Boot Camp


What is Code 3 Boot Camp all about?

These sessions are FREE for all City employees!  The workout sessions, centered on functional fitness movements and circuit training, are conducted by a Police or Fire Trainer who is dedicated and motivated to make each session meaningful and productive for each participant. Learn more by reading the Body Fit Boot Camp FAQS!

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Code 3 Boot Camp Documents

Spring Code 3 Boot Camp Details

Fall 2019 Boot Camp will run September 24 - November 14. It is open to City of Springfield employees.

Time: 12 - 1 pm

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Location: South District Station, 2620 W Battlefield

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Five reasons to participate:

  1. Deep down we all want to push ourselves harder - this boot camp will do just that.
  2. Quick results - In 8 weeks, results are measurable and you can burn 2x the amount of calories than many of the typical exercise classes offer.
  3. Support Group - We are all doing it together, form bonds, make friends, helps you “stick” with the program, provides instant “accountability” with partners, motivate, and guide each other through the workouts.
  4. It’s fun - Camaraderie is first, intensity is up to you!
  5. It’s FREE!

This is the ultimate workout program for every level.  From beginner to experienced - anyone can do this class.  Let’s get FIRED UP and HAVE FUN. If it isn’t challenging - it isn’t going to change you!

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