Proper Procedures

  1. Aggressive Driving

    Look up information on aggressive driving.

  2. Are You a Good Samaritan

    Find out what you can do to help out if you witness an accident.

  3. Avoiding Car-Truck Crashes

    Research why cars are more prone to accidents than trucks.

  4. Backing Tips

    Check out these tips that should help you while driving a motor vehicle in reverse.

  5. Being in Control of the Intersection

    Vehicles that legally enter a signalized intersection have the right to be there until they can safely clear the intersection.

  6. Blind Spots

    View information on blind spots and how you are to handle them as a driver.

  7. The Dangers of "Novelty" Motorcycle Helmets

    When purchasing a new motorcycle or scooter please consider purchasing a quality legal helmet to wear while riding.

  8. Do Not Block the Intersection

    Look up information about properly navigating busy intersections.

  9. Driving in Construction Work Zones

    Learn why speed limits are lowered in construction work zones to increase safety.

  10. Traffic Safety for Older Drivers

    Read information designed to keep older drivers safe at the wheel.

  11. FAQs

    View answers to the most commonly asked questions about traffic.

  12. Funeral Processions

    The actions of drivers involved in a funeral procession, and what motorists are to do when they encounter a funeral procession, are covered by state law and municipal ordinance.

  13. If You're Involved in a Traffic Accident

    View a list of what you should do when involved in a traffic accident.

  14. Motorcycle Safety Tips

    Check out these safety tips for motorcycle riders.

  15. Move to the Left When Possible

    Do your best to keep left when passing cars and emergency vehicles that are pulled over.

  16. One-Way Streets

    Discover information on 1-way streets in Springfield, Missouri.

  17. Preparing for Trips in Your Vehicle

    View this information and make sure you are prepared to hit the road for that next trip.

  18. Use of Center Maneuvering Lane

    Review this information on how to properly use the center traffic and turn lanes.

  19. Right-of-Way in Crosswalks

    Look up information on how to properly approach crosswalks.

  20. Right Turns

    Discover right turn information and keep an eye out for potential hazards.

  21. Strategies for Young Drivers

    View information intended for young drivers.

  22. Total Station

    Read information on Total Station and how it uses surveying technology to obtain the needed information from a crime scene to produce a scale diagram.

  23. What To Do at an Accident Scene

    Find information on what to do if you come across a traffic accident.

  24. Vehicle Breakdowns

    Find out what to do when your vehicle breaks down.

  25. When You See Red Lights Behind You

    Slow down and pull over when you see an officer's flashing lights in your rear view mirrors.