Seasonal / Weather

  1. Clear the Windows & Lights

    Make sure to completely clear your windows and lights before you travel in the snow.

  2. Cruise Control Can Be Dangerous

    Using cruise control during inclement weather can be dangerous as the constant speed can increase chances of hydroplaning.

  3. Driving in Snow & Ice

    Safely navigate roads during bad weather.

  4. Fall Driving & Deer Season

    Stay safe at night when driving during deer season (October - December.)

  5. Halloween

    Learn the traffic dangers that arise every year around Halloween.

  6. Headlight Usage in Inclement Weather

    View information on using headlights during times of bad weather.

  7. Headlights on for Safety

    Make sure to have your headlights on during the twilight portions of the day.

  8. Holiday Driving

    Find safety information on driving during the holidays.

  9. Holiday Season

    The Holidays are not an excuse to drink and drive.

  10. Holiday Season & Red Light Violations

    Look up information on red light violations and the increased risk of accidents at red lights during the holidays.

  11. Motorcycles Are Coming

    Nice weather brings many motorcycles out of the garage and onto the road.

  12. Rain, Rain Go Away

    Drivers should slow down to a prudent speed during bad weather.

  13. Spring Showers

    Spring brings rain and rain brings an increase in traffic accidents.

  14. Springtime Driving

    Discover various obstacles that come with driving in the spring.

  15. Tips for Driving on Wet Pavement

    Discover tips for driving in the rain and driving on wet pavement.

  16. Winter Weather Driving Tips

    View some tips on driving during winter.