What Causes Accidents

  1. Avoidance of Traffic Signals

    Learn the dangers of taking short cuts through parking lots.

  2. Aggressive Driving

    Research the dangers of aggressive driving.

  3. Right Turns

    Read about the most common locations for accidents in Springfield.

  4. "Brake Check"

    Learn the dangers of performing what many today call a "brake check."

  5. Cell Phone Use While Driving

    Discover the dangers of using a cellular phone while driving.

  6. Common Cause of Traffic Crashes

    Read about the dangers of driving while intoxicated and using a cell phone while driving.

  7. Courtesy Can Cause Accidents

    Some drivers in Springfield have caused accidents from being too kind and courteous behind the wheel.

  8. Driving While Fatigued

    Read about the dangers of driving when you are tired.

  9. Driving While Medicated

    Discover why you should not drive if you are on medication.

  10. I Only Looked Away for a Second

    View the importance of always paying full attention to the road.

  11. If You Can't See, Don't Go

    Look both ways and be aware of vision obstructions before pulling out into traffic.

  12. Most Frequent Accident

    Approximately 80% of all traffic accidents are caused by one vehicle striking another in the rear.

  13. One-Way Streets

    Learn how to properly navigate 1-way streets in Springfield.

  14. Please Pay Attention

    Most accidents can be prevented by paying more attention to the road when you drive.

  15. Preventing Road Rage

    Look up the dangers of road rage and find ways to help stay calm behind the wheel.

  16. Respect Red

    View information on the Respect Red campaign and help limit crashes in Springfield.

  17. Steering Overcorrection

    One of the most common driving errors that get people hurt or killed is steering over correction.

  18. Tailgating

    Remember not to follow vehicles too closely.

  19. Time Management

    Discover how proper time management can keep you safe behind the wheel.

  20. Watch Out for the Other Guy

    Learn to use caution at intersections.