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Revive 417

Revive 417 is an app designed to prevent overdose deaths. Get step-by-step rescue instructions to follow on what to do when you or someone you're with is experiencing an opioid overdose.

The app also features information about Good Samaritan laws, information about treatment and recovery services and more.

Use the web app.

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The opioid epidemic has become a crisis in Missouri and nation-wide, with opioid-related deaths multiplying and treatment difficult to find and afford. Addiction can impact anyone, regardless of who they are, who they know, or how much money they make.

In 2020, Missouri saw 1,386 drug overdose deaths, 142 of these were in the DHSS Southwest Region. This represents in 21% increase statewide and 15% increase in Southwest Missouri compared to 2019. Approximately ¾ of these deaths involved opioids – an increase statewide by 30%. 

According to the latest research, Narcan is effective in reversing overdose in 93.5% of cases – and in one study, 84.3% of those who experienced overdose and were saved by Narcan were alive a year later.  

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  1. Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
  2. Community Mental Health and Substance Use Assessment
  3. Naloxone Distribution Centers

In July of 2017, the Springfield City Council and Greene County Commission voted to implement a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program as the first step in combating the growing opioid epidemic in our community. Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) serve an essential function in combating prescription drug abuse by collecting data from pharmacies on controlled substance prescriptions that have been dispensed, and making it available to authorized users by means of a secure, electronically-accessible database.

  • How to register as a Pharmacist, Prescriber or delegate: Visit, Create an account using your name, DEA number, and NPI, Upload your professional license as a validation document, Verify your current e-mail address
  • Who should enroll: Anyone who prescribes or dispenses medication in Springfield and Greene County, with the exception of the City of Republic. Physicians and pharmacists can also provide access to delegates—additional users who are authorized to request reports on the behalf of their supervisory provider. The supervisory provider must also be enrolled. More specific information on who qualifies as a delegate is available at